5 Things I Do When I’m Bored

Today is Thursday basically. I’m home alone and its so boring. To think that sembreak is still ongoing and school continues on 16th of November. Well, yeah college really sucks but now, at this moment gusto ko na ulet pumasok. Eh kasi naman eh. It’s just so boring. As in capital B-O-R-I-N-G. And me currently was like …


So here are the top 5 things that I do when I’m bored.

  1. Go on Twitter and Facebook and tweet some random stuff. 
    –  yes, when I’m home alone the first thing that I do is to go online on my twitter and facebook because there’s a lot of things to find there and whatever. lmao
  2. Watch videos on Youtube.
    –  well, I do have a youtube channel pero walang videos kasi di ako alam kung anong video iuupload ko eh. And if bored ako,I watch videos from my favorite youtubers like ThatcherJoe,CasparLee,lethargicbianca,Miranda Sings and more. It’s just super entertaining. And yah know what? I just found out that Miranda Sings is just an internet character played by Colleen Ballinger-Evans who is so gorgeous. Now, i love Miranda.
  3. Play online games.
    – Yes, you read it right! Naglalaro ako ng online games but not the games you had on your minds. The COC things? No. Di ko nga alam pano laruin yun eh and I don’t even have a phone to play that thing. Anyway, the online games that I’ve been saying is literally online games. Like Y8.com hello? Kung sasabihin nyong hindi nyo alam kung ano ang Y8,I won’t believe you kasi most of the kids right now,y8 ang favorite game site. And oo, dyan ako naglalaro. Favorite game ko yung Papa’s Cheeseria. That game is cooking game sya na magluluto ka ng tinapay then lalagyan mo ng mga other ingredients ganon. And I really love that game!
    y8 y81  y83 y84
    y85 y82
    So if you want to play it, just go check out http://www.y8.com and search Papa’s Cheeseria!
  4. Check out my tumblr account.
    – Yes I do have a tumblr account pero ginagamit ko yun just to browse more photos of my boys, One Direction. So in short, I’m just using my tumblr for fangirl reasons. niallerships.tumblr.com if you want to follow me. Hahaha! I know my username is weird because i love my son Niall. I will let you know my side which is loving my boys on my next blog. Yaaas!
  5. Stalk my girlfriends,queens,kings and sons.
      – Yes that is one of my job as a fangirl. Everytime that I’m bored, I always stalk all those people I really admire. I’ll check their twitter accounts,their youtube channels,their instagram post and everything. And as of now, I will not let you know kung sino yung mga taong iniistalk ko. Hahaha! You’ll find out SOON!So I think, that’s it! After writing this blog,medyo nawala ang pagkabored 🙂 And I’m so happy that I finished this blog so fast lmao. Have a good day everyone!

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